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Andrzej Nowinski

marketer, author, trainer

Andrew is the author of a book (e-Book) on the multi-level marketing industry, described by some as the most dangerous position on network marketing.

Over the last 17 years of activity in the industry he has repeatedly built organizations with thousands of associates and clients. He gained his first training overseas, i.e. in the United States, where he had the opportunity to work with and learn directly from such network marketing legends as Randy Gage, Eric Worre, Randy Schroder, Brig Hart, Tim Sales and Kim Klaver. He personally introduced the concept of network marketing and invited hundreds of people into the industry, among them such personalities of Polish network marketing as Piotr Mosio and Tomasz Zabawa. He was responsible for the successful introduction of the then famous Monavie company to the Polish market, but he had. He had successes in his life, but also failures. One of nothing was so severe that he went out of business for almost four years. After the break, however, he returned to the industry to replace his high full-time manager's salary in the second month with one American company, and tripled it in the third. He built an international business generating seven-figure revenues with that company. Today he is still active as a leader of one of the thriving network marketing companies, and in his spare time he shares his knowledge and experience on social media through his courses and workshops.

He firmly believes that network marketing is the last bastion of free enterprise, where even an average person, can achieve unprecedented resltats.

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